About Lawfty Partners | Marketing for Attorneys

On average, Lawfty’s partner firms earn 8.0x their advertising investment every two years.

We don’t take making claims like this lightly. Lawfty was co-founded by a lawyer, after all.

Todd Richheimer met Mike Terry by chance. Todd, an entrepreneur at heart, and Mike, an entrepreneur in practice, started to brainstorm how they could combine their experience into a business. Todd had his career in law, and Mike was a computer scientist with advanced degrees from MIT and a first successful startup under his belt. They landed on something that hit right in the middle of their interests: proprietary technology that would transform how lawyers generate cases.

Eight years later and Lawfty is the trusted partner to a select group of top tier personal injury law firms across the country and whose advertising technology has even been licensed by one of Silicon Valley’s largest companies for their own digital marketing.

Lawfty aggregates data from each and every digital marketing lead, from inquiry to settlement. We understand what cases monetize for and optimize our bidding strategies accordingly. This factor alone is what sets us apart from the typical digital marketing firm. But Lawfty doesn’t stop there. Unlike anyone else in the industry, we’re so confident in our technology and in our ability to generate cases online that we’ll co-invest alongside the firms we choose to partner with.

Partners of Lawfty also get access to our team. From data scientists to our dedicated call center that supports every incoming lead before it gets to our partners — our premier talent is integral to the success of the work that we do with our partners.

Together, the Lawfty technology and team ensure that our partners stay ahead in the online advertising space.